What's New

* Cartridges: We have installed 4-color printing facilities in
hope to serve our clients a better performance of quality and
more variety of printing.

  * 42mm Flexible closures: Convenience to use, Space
saving and easy to store. It is also with a protective function
for defending stuff be damaged before using.
Available colors: Red, White, Blue. 
If quality up to our min., the requested colors will be available.
Flexible closures
  * Exchangeable multi-function scraper: Easy assembled
and cut the tip of the screw and nozzle. Sample handling on
remove extra silicone and for various angle decoration.
Exchangeable multi-function scraper
  * Nozzle with cap: For using on unfinished silicone sealant,
simple to screw on the tip of the screw and avoid the content
of cartridge dry too fast.
Nozzle with cap
  * Grease Tube: One-part plastic tube for engineering lubricants
and greases. Simple handling.
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